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Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation & Sound Healing
with Danielle Selleck

Experience the healing tones and harmonious sensations of alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls with Danielle Selleck, whose deep experience in the healing energy arts has transformed her life—and set her on a clear path to guide others to do the same—with the creation of Healthy Intentions Living.

Danielle established Healthy Intentions Living as a nurturing space where positive, like-minded individuals can embrace their authentic selves. She believes the only way to move forward is to let go of past hurts, resentments and other obstacles holding us back from achieving awareness, balance and joy.

She uses guided meditation and alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls to help others calm their minds, open their hearts and confirm their intentions. The rich, textural sounds she creates using the bowls resonate hypnotically throughout the room, strengthening a shared yet profoundly personal experience.

Sound Healing & Transformation Sessions

Healing & Transformation Sessions

If you haven’t experienced the transformational power of this unique meditation, Danielle invites you to join her for a group, semiprivate or private session. It takes only a few minutes for the sound of the bowls to ease your stress, focus your mind and cultivate inner peace.

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Find Energy in Stillness. Quiet in Sound.

Alchemy Crystal
Singing Bowls
Healing Arts - Crystal Bowl Meditation
Explore the distinct sounds and unique healing qualities of each alchemy crystal singing bowl.
The Power of
Sound Healing
Healing Arts - Crystal Bowl Meditation
Discover how rhythm and frequency can help to balance our minds and bodies during meditation.
Healing Arts - Crystal Bowl Meditation
Danielle’s personal experience with crystal bowl meditation sparked a passion she now shares.

Client Stories and Appreciation

Danielle's mastery of the alchemy crystal bowls is a high-vibrational treasure! She creates a safe space to allow the sound vibrations to do their powerful work.