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Danielle Selleck created Healthy Intentions Living to share her passion for energy healing, meditation and, most of all, the transformational power of the alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls. Her clients share their uniquely personal experiences below:

“The first time I experienced the serene and hauntingly beautiful sounds of the alchemy crystal singing bowls, I truly felt as if I had been transported to a different place. I lost all sense of time, and I finally understood what it meant to be in the moment. I had tried meditation many times before in a studio setting, but I found it challenging to sit still for so long, and often found myself distracted by everything around me. This was quite different. The bowls took me into a far more hypnotic and relaxed state. I was surprised and delighted by the physical effects of the session. Each bowl had a distinct tone, which seemed to penetrate every cell in my body. I clearly felt an opening of my heart chakra (the center of energy flowing from deep within my heart) as Danielle played one particular bowl. I later experienced a lighter, more pleasant feeling in my root chakras as she played another. My hands and fingers tingled throughout. It was almost surreal. I had learned about the meaning of the chakras in my yoga teacher training, but I had never experienced such a strong mind-body connection and spiritual awakening. As a healing arts practitioner, Danielle Selleck is knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. If you have never experienced the bowls, I highly suggest you begin your journey here.”
“The singing bowl workshop came at a critical time in my life. I was at a crossroads in a love relationship. I was so unclear at the time. When a friend invited me to Danielle’s class, I thought, ‘Why not?’ We had started the class with another group leader who led us through vision board making. I was super tuned in to my intentions about the future as I found a spot very close to where Danielle had arranged her crystal bowls. As she led us through this ‘experience,’ I went in deep. It was exciting to try something new, and this particular house that we were working in was filled with powerful crystals of all shapes and sizes. The instructor was saying this might impact our session. It did for me. Certain bowls made sounds that I thought only the animal kingdom could hear. One bowl in particular to me sounded like a young girl who was saying something over and over as she skipped rope. She said, ‘Get out of his way.’ I also noticed that my belly became bloated during our session. The instructor told me later that my third chakra might have had a block that the singing bowls were releasing. When Danielle completed the music, about 1-1/2 hours had passed. I looked around the room and asked the group if anyone heard the voices. No one had but me. It was a significant event in my life; I knew I had to disconnect from my partner, and once I did, my life improved in so many ways. I would be up for taking this class again the next time Danielle visits Denver.”
“When I first came to Danielle Selleck of Healthy Intentions Living, my intention was to release tightness in my neck and shoulders. I instantly found that gestures like a clenched jaw or a scrunched shoulder can be melted down by the immense sound and vibration of the alchemy crystal healing bowls. At times, the sound became clear and soft, at times hypnotic. I also found a replenishing solace where, though fully awake, I was able to get lost in dream logic. I envisioned myself as a horse-drawn carriage: the horse, the carriage and the rider all at once. Only I can let up on the reins. I let go and let the horse do what it wants, but the horse doesn’t want to do anything; it wants to be a cloud. So the horse becomes a cloud. I now use this visualization often to break through tension and pain, mental and physical.”
“Danielle’s mastery of the alchemy crystal bowls is a high-vibrational treasure! Her energy is soothing; she creates a safe space to allow the sound vibrations to do their powerful work on everyone’s body, heart and spirit. Like no other vibrational healing tools, the crystal bowls carry healing frequencies of Mother Earth. I had the joy to be with Danielle on several occasions, and each time the experience was so profound. I wish she lived nearby, but the East Coast called her back. I invite everyone to give themselves a profound gift with Danielle’s vibrational healing work.”
“If you are looking for a new way to meditate, I highly recommend you try Danielle’s class. Although I am new to the crystal bowl practice, I am already an avid believer that this method will really put your mind at ease. It’s not every day that you’re able to shut out everyday tasks and stressors of life and focus on beautiful sounds, yet that’s exactly what Danielle achieves when she creates the sounds from the crystal bowls. She is spiritual and welcoming—a true leader and trailblazer in the meditation community.”

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