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“The (sound healing) community resonated with me like none other. I felt right at home in a space that was filled with the laughter, joy and happiness of like-minded, open-minded individuals.”

Danielle's Story

Her Path to a More Purposeful, Blissful Life

Danielle Selleck is a holistic lifestyle and healing arts practitioner who uses guided meditation and alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls to help others calm their minds and confirm their intentions. Danielle finds inspiration in the energy of nature and the transformative powers of sound and vibration. The rich, textural sounds she creates using the bowls resonate hypnotically throughout a room, strengthening a shared experience that leads us to our most authentic selves.

Danielle’s personal journey with sound healing and mindfulness began in 2013, when the twists and turns of life guided her to a holistic healing arts center in New Jersey. The center offered a “spiritual smorgasbord” of alternative holistic modalities and celebrated the spirit of the individual. Danielle was impassioned by the sense of community she discovered there, and deeply impacted by the joyful energy that awakened her spirit.

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Danielle's Mastery of the Bowls

“From my very first crystal bowl session, I was able to raise my consciousness and connect with something deeper."

Danielle was mesmerized by the complexity of the sounds released during her first singing bowl session. The bowls were at once loud yet soft, powerful yet gentle. She was able to let go of the dense, thick layers of emotion that had built up over the years, and remove the blocks that were holding her back.

The guided meditations coupled with the intention provided Danielle with the power to release past, limited beliefs and open the door to a more blissful life and spiritual awakening.

Danielle made a choice to live a more positive, happy and loving life. Through the creation of Healthy Intentions Living, she can help others do the same.

Through her kundalini awakening, Danielle is guided in her crystal bowl sessions to empower each of her students to align with the vibrational frequency of the universe. In addition to leading crystal singing bowl meditations, Danielle is a Holistic Health Counselor and a certified Reiki 3 practitioner. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, she played single bowls in studios in New Jersey and Colorado.

Danielle is also a certified Shamanic practitioner, and is currently immersed in a Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training program.

“My personal experience with crystal bowl meditation sparked my passion and drive. My intention is to create a space that invites your own unique journey with the bowls.”

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