Open Your Heart

 Meditation: What to Expect

Your first experience hearing the crystal bowls being played might take you by surprise. Your response could be deeply emotional, profoundly physical or immensely soothing. You might feel tingling or other sensations in your hands and feet, and vibration throughout your body. Be aware that those around you may be experiencing something entirely different. Some may cry or shout out, or even fall asleep. The common experience is that it is deeply personal and unique. There is no “right” or “wrong” response or expected behavior.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, author of Sound Healing, said, "One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual plane." You can expect to experience both physical and emotional sensations as the bowls are played. These feelings are likely to last well beyond the session.

  1. Begin the session in a position or posture you find comfortable. You may be sitting in a chair, on a yoga mat on the floor, or enveloped in a blanket.
  2. Set an intention. Danielle will start the session by suggesting that you set an intention. This will be where you want to focus your energy. It could be something you are working on, or a person in your life who needs attention or healing.
  3. Feel a symphony of sensations. As the bowls begin to play, you start to experience a release—a cleansing—that is physical, mental and emotional. Notice the way the different bowls resonate with you. You may feel more strongly affected by the sound of certain bowls. Allow all the sounds and the vibrations to penetrate your body and soul.
  4. Come back slowly. Take your time coming out of the meditation. Slowly begin to reconnect with your physical surroundings.
  5. Share the moment. You will have the opportunity to share your experience with the group or with Danielle, if you were having a private session.
  6. Find time to process your feelings. Describe your experience in a journal or find another way to process what you discovered during the session.
  7. Pay attention to the emotions or insights that come up in the hour, days or even weeks after your session. It may take a while—or it may not happen at all. When it does, you will know it. Use the information to move forward, let go of past hurts and disappointments, and explore the truths you uncovered, as all the answers are from within.

The powerful vibrations of the singing bowls will take you where you are supposed to go. Just let it happen. With an open heart and mind, let go of your everyday life. Take a deep breath. And fade slowly into the moment.

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