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Healing & Transformation Sessions

  • Danielle offers a number of ways in which you can experience the transformational power of the chakra and alchemy crystal bowl meditations.
    Dress comfortably (loose clothing, layers, no jewelry), bring a journal or notebook, eat lightly and drink plenty of water before and after the session. Danielle will provide blankets, yoga mats, bolsters and eye pillows for individual sessions.

 Individual Sessions

An Introduction
to Sound Healing


Package of 3 sessions:


Session Length: 90 minutes

If you are new to sound healing and curious about its benefits, this package is perfect for you. This package offers three private sessions of chakra crystal bowl meditations. Starting with a guided meditation to open up the energy centers (chakras), the sessions will help you release old, stuck beliefs at a cellular level. Your intention (goal or desire) frames the session as the bowls powerfully carry, amplify and bring it to fruition.

How to Manifest
an Abundant Life


Session Length: 2 Hours

During this session, you will discover why you are able to manifest one intention over another as Danielle coaches you on harnessing the Law of Attraction. Experience a powerful guided meditation to release blocks from the subconscious coupled with alchemy crystal singing bowls for a deep immersion experience. This multifaceted session connects with your authentic self—your inner wisdom, power and strength.

Deep Transformation:
Hands-on Sound Healing


Session Length: 3 Hours

Get ready to let go of old, stuck beliefs that are holding you back from your heart’s desires and dreams. This hands-on transformation session goes deep into your soul. It includes a combination of chakra and alchemy crystal bowls along with Reiki to release Karmic Soul Contracts. This session will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, with a deep connection to the Divine and your Soul’s purpose.

Group Sessions

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl
Group Meditation

  • 4 people $100

  • 5 people $125

  • 6 people $150

  • 10 people $200
    additional $10 per person

Session Length: 2 Hours

Embrace the collective consciousness energy of pure love and light. Enjoy a heightened experience with a gathering of your closet soul community to connect with the most loving and healing energy of the universe. The alchemy crystal bowls will create a space of gratitude and joy for the group's journey. This session is intended for friends, family, colleagues and co-workers to experience together.

  • TRAVEL DISTANCE: Up to 30 miles
    Please provide your own props for this meditation

Experience Singing Bowl Meditation

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