Sound Healing

The First Time
October 22, 2017

Of course I remember “the first time.” I am not sure I knew at the time that it was life-changing, but I knew I would never be the same. I had just moved to the coastline of New Jersey from Hoboken, New Jersey. It was a time in my life I was ready for a change. It was right after Super Storm Sandy, which was a very challenging time for so many. Homes were destroyed, towns were wiped out … no one knew what the future of the Jersey shore would be like. Suddenly, the shore felt like a distant cry from the fist pumping, beach-going, good-life vibe that came to define it.

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My 10-Day Detox
September 27, 2017

As part of my Shamanic training, I was expected to learn the neuroscience behind many ancient traditions. The shamans had very little disease in their bodies. Adopting their diet was a required component of the curriculum. Yet I kept holding off on actually doing this detox. There were so many excuses: “I have this trip; it’s summer; I’m off to dinner with friends.”

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