Inspiring Read: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Inspiring Read: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav
June 3, 2018

There are books that come into your being that not only change your life but also awaken your soul. The Seat of the Soul  is definitely one of them for me.  A close friend had read it on her honeymoon and said it changed the coures of her life. I was intrigued.

A few months later, she gave me the book as a gift to guide me through a new phase in my life. I added it to my pile of spiritual “to read” books. I am proud that so many enlightening books have crossed my path, and of how my thoughts co-create my reality. This particular book had been in the back of my mind for a while, yet somehow, I could never find the time to read it. I even took it on a flight, thinking that would be the perfect time to start, but I watched an in-flight movie instead. Then the season started to shift—warmer weather, greener grass, feeling the sun’s warmth on my skin. At once, the book reentered my thoughts. It was time.

As soon as I began to read, I felt my vibration begin to shift. My soul was awakened from a period of long, dark, and cold winter nights. This book enlightened me, and helped me push through a great the suppresion I had been experiencing.. I invite you to experience a similar awakening.  Here are some exceprts from the book.

Chapter 1: Evolution

In the opening chapter,  Zukav wrote, “We are evolving from five-sensory humans into multi-sensory humans.” Taking a deep breath, I read that quote again. What does it mean? How do those words resonate? Oneness. Light and dark, good and evil, positive and negative, physical and soul all intertwined into the experience of one’s evolution. That one is never alone or separate. The Universe is part of us and we are part of them, and everyone.

My intention has always been to live from my authentic self and stand in my power. When I’m aligned with my intention, life is fearless. A flow of joy, happiness and the highest vibration, love. When I read the words “authentic empowerment,” it clicked. These two very simple yet powerful words shifted my perception. It’s the very purpose of our core inner being to evolve on this planet.

What is the vehicle for our evolution? The personality. Our personality only feels the negative, fearful emotions such as anger, hatred and frustration. External factors in our society keep these emotions alive. Our brains cannot discern what is real and what is not when the TV plays news reports and shows based on fear. The brain is in a constant state of fight-or-flight mode even if the event is happening thousands of miles away. While the personality can be loving, compassionate and wise, this only comes from the experiences of the soul. When one is awakened to the multisensory, the personality recognizes the importance of it and the intuition one feels.

There are four questions at the end of the chapter to ask yourself. Zukav believes answering them is the first step toward recognizing your true soul.

What is my soul?

Pure, Divine, Light of God, the highest power that is part of the ultimate source of existence in the universe. Love, the purest energy.

What does my soul want?

Evolve, learn, grow, to understand feelings, emotions and how they impact my soul’s evolution for growth.

What is the relationship between my soul and me?

Your relationship is to be in harmony. To co-exist within each other. One does not have an experience separate from the other. It is intertwined together.

How does my soul affect my life?

In every way. Every choice I make, every thought I have, every feeling I experience, every emotion I express. My intentions are my soul’s creation into the physical being for my evolution. 

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